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When you enroll in the Engagement Excelerator, you receive:

  • 26 short videos - only 4-6 minutes long - delivered every 3 days. During each video, "Virtual Vicki" shares solutions & strategies for sustaining engagement.

  • Downloadable PDFs with tools, tips and team meeting ideas to back up the strategies.

  • Private discussion forum to keep the conversation going. Leaders across the country share ideas for what's working and ask questions about needed support. You can connect with others - all from the comfort of your desk.

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You'll see that the videos are enlightening and entertaining - they are informative and inspiring.

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The program is different because it's...

  • Road-Tested

    2500+ leaders have participated in the program so we know it works.

  • Proven

    Leaders who participate have seen statistically significant increases in employee engagement.

  • Manageable

    The content is delivered in easy to digest micro-learning videos which make learning and implementation easy.

If you were to recommend the video series to a colleague or friend, what would you tell them?

Jackie Munchel, Assisted Living Manager, Brightview Senior Living

"I would tell them to take the time to watch each segment. I found all of them very helpful and learned something from each one of them. Though we are all doing many of these things, sometimes it helps to freshen up some of our techniques."


What's included? How does the online program work?

  • How many "lessons" are there?

    There are 26 micro-learning videos with supporting tools and resources.

  • How is the information delivered?

    To keep the pace manageable, you receive an email with a link to view an episode every 3 days. No more "drinking from the firehose" or visiting the "digital vault". Lessons are delivered to you on a realistic timeline to make your life easier!

  • What do I get in each lesson?

    You receive a short video (4-6 minutes long) with solid, tried and tested engagement strategies you can implement immediately; downloadable PDF resources to support the learning and a private discussion group to ask questions and share success stories.

Watch Intro Video

Click the play button to watch a short video of Jeff Hunnicutt, CEO of Highlands Oncology Group, as he shares insights about participating in the Engagement Excelerator video series.

Jeff and the organization's leadership team all participated and saw a 12% increase in emloyee engagement scores - during the pandemic!

Hi, I'm "Virtual Vicki" - Your Learning Guide

I teach healthcare leaders and staff how to 1) improve and sustain employee engagement; 2) reduce stress & burnout; and, 3) retain valued employees. My commitment to you includes solid content delivered in an easily digest-able format so that you feel more informed and inspired.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Engagement Excelerator program!

    • Welcome!

  • 2

    Episode #1 - Embrace Employee Engagement: First Things First

    • Embrace Employee Engagement: First Things First

    • First Things First Video

  • 3

    Episode #2 - Embrace Employee Engagement: Time for a FocusSHIFT

    • Embrace Employee Engagement: Time for a FocusSHIFT

    • Time for a FocusSHIFT Video

    • Now is the time to invest in yourself, your team and your organization!

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